You strengthen the operation of the Venezuelan National Guard to protect the refineries of Petróleos de Venezuela-Noticias

The Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) is reinforcing the units of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) guarding the refineries of the state-run Petrleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), as announced on Tuesday, February 2, by the head of Operation Remigio Ceballos, Strategic Command (CEO), manages the entire operation.

This move is in line with the government’s order to protect the physical structure of the oil facilities in the face of reports of terrorist attacks against the country’s main company’s refineries. The most recent attack was denounced on May 23 by Nicols Maduro, who asserted that the PDVSA gas pipeline had suffered an attack that caused a fire that he believed was intended to affect the distribution of gas on the national territory.

Since last year, Maduro has blamed the United States and Colombia governments for being behind alleged conspiracies against Venezuela. In September 2020, the Venezuelan authorities arrested a suspected American spy who was involved in a plot to blow up oil refineries in the northern state of Falcn.

Maximum support from FANB for the oil industry on behalf of our Commander in Chief (Nicols Maduro). Deployment and reinforcement of the GNB units (Bolivarian National Guard) for the physical security of PDVSA refineries in order to guarantee our strategic resources in the Unin Cvico Militar Policial, as stated by Ceballos via his Twitter account.

We are here on special orders () to guarantee the facilities of PDVSA, the Society of All Venezuelans, but also to ratify the efforts of the Bolivarian National Guard, the CEOFANB. We are integrated to win, added the senior military official.

The CEOFANB’s announcement confirms that the military is responsible for the security of the physical structure of the oil refineries. In December 2020, the Maduro government announced that patrol and intelligence duties will be carried out primarily for the Amuay y Cardn Refining Complex in the Paraguan Peninsula, the largest and most important in Venezuela, now under land sanctions, divestment and economic Chaos is working at half speed.

Amuay; For example, it has an installed refining capacity of 645,000 barrels per day and Cardn has 310,000 barrels per day for a total processing of 955,000 barrels per day. The Paraguan Refining Center in the state of Falcn was able to meet 67% of the national fuel needs today without being able to match the gasoline production required by the country. (Thiany Rodrguez, Caracas)

Photo: The CEOFANB commander also held a working meeting with the General Staff of the Eastern Integral Defense Strategic Region (REDI Oriental) to review strategic aspects and strengthen the National Armed Forces’ actions to fulfill constitutional tasks.

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