You are offering three Black Hawk helicopters to the Uruguayan Air Force through FMS-Noticias

As an option to replace the veteran Bell UH-1H with more than 45 years of service in Uruguay, the US companies Florida Supply and Arista Aviation have offered in a framework that is very close to FMS (Foreign Military Sales) in the last few hours The Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) completely overhauled three Black Hawk UH-60L helicopters from 2004 and with their digitized instruments for an amount of a little less than $ 15 million.

In the recitals of the offer, reference is made to both the possible local performance of the aircraft and the possibility of joining the operational peacekeeping missions, since two to three Bell 212s have been integrated into the Uruguayan troops for years. written by MONUC (Congo) and previously in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Despite their great performance and the good work of their crews, these helicopters have acted with little protection and at the limit of their performance, often in the middle or minutes after intense firefights, warranting a stronger and more military-style alternative.

The Black Hawks can carry up to 17 soldiers or 6 stretchers plus medical assistants or up to 2000 kg internal load and up to 4500 kg external load.

They have up to 4 additional fuel tanks (or various weapons) that provide the ability to fly long distances and can travel a considerable number of kilometers into the ocean on complex SAR missions that have historically been very difficult in Uruguay. In addition, they can be refueled by air. This alternative will allow the new KC 130 Hercules to be integrated by the Spanish Air Force in the coming days, requiring an optional kit.

Florida Supply (Orlando) and Arista Aviation (Alabama) are offering three refurbished and inspected Sikorsky UH-60L helicopters at a base price (excluding options) for the Uruguayan government of USD 4,950,000 each. On the one hand, with the same advantage that the old Hueys traditionally had of being able to acquire spare parts, special tools and training from the US government through the FMS program, with very large negotiation possibilities regarding the options. (Javier Bonilla)

Refurbished Black Hawk cab offered to FAU

The Black Hawk UH-60L helicopters offered to FAU by Florida Supply and Arista Aviation.

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