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Throughout history, the use of weapons and the glorious fate associated with it has been reserved for men, whether they were nobles or villains. Queens like Hatshepsut, Boudica or Matilde de Canossa or fighters like Mary Read, Anne Bonny or Mara Barrachina dared to rebel against the established norms and took the reins of their fate, sword or pistol in hand.

Strong, wild, brave and combative were those women who marched through the pages of Women of Arms to read an entertaining and informative essay in which their protagonists come to life and move us with their tragedies and victories.

With humor and an excellent narrative impulse, Luis Soravilla presents the lives of women who, for professional reasons (expanding the borders of their realm) or for personal reasons (rescuing their lover from a monastery), have taken up arms to fight for a goal that they own wanted to build.


Title: Women Take Arms

Editor: Principal de los Libros

Author: Luis Soravilla

Number of pages: 416

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