With one of its UAVs, Europe discovers a state-of-the-art Russian aerial surveillance radar camouflaged in Ukraine

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) recently reported the presence of a Kasta-2E1 air radar in the Donbs region of Ukraine occupied by Russian and Russian-funded Ukrainian troops.

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in Ukraine has been routinely using unmanned aircraft since October 2014 to review the ceasefire between Russian and Ukrainian troops, which was even fired at by Russian troops. DPR (Donets Peoples Republic).

During one of these flights on February 15, a 51U6 Kasta 2E1E radar system was discovered with one of its UAVs near Buhaivka, 37 kilometers southeast of Luhanks (30 km within the front line).

This fact was taken into account by the presence of weapons by the OSCE in the retreat area. As stated in the same day report, targeting radar is not prohibited by the provisions of the Minks Arms Withdrawal Agreements. However, it is equipment that is clearly used by the Russian Armed Forces as it has not yet been shipped to Ukraine.

The Kasta 2E1 consists of a double antenna mounted on an extendable mast and a command post on two Kamaz 43114 trucks. While the former carries the antenna and its peripherals, the other truck carries the command post and an electrical generator on a trailer. It was developed to detect small targets even at low altitudes. It has a range of up to 150 km. and a detection limit of 6,000 meters. The OSCE also identified a 9K35 Strela-10 air defense missile launcher near the radar.

The strangest thing is that in the picture taken by the OSCE, personnel dressed in uniform noticed the presence of the UAV and tried to cover the trucks with a huge blue and yellow canvas simulating the colors of the Ukrainian flag. This was a crude attempt to mislead the intelligence media about possession of the equipment. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Uniform personnel attempt to camouflage the radar with a kind of Ukrainian flag (OSCE goes to InformNapal)

The Kamaz truck that carries the antenna of the Kasta 2E1 system (Vitaly V. Kuzmin)

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