Wing 14 labels its Eurofighters with the names of its pilots and mechanics

The Air Force 14 Wing has indicated the rank and surname of its pilot and chief mechanic on the front of the fuselage of its Eurofighters, just below the PIRATE infrared sensor.

The 14th Wing, based at Albacete Air Force Base, took part in the macro air defense exercise organized and directed by the Air Force Air Force Ocean Sky 2020 Air Combat Command (MACOM), seven of which were its Eurofighters and a few dozen of his troops. As we were able to check on site, many of these fighter-bombers were first identified with the surname of a unit pilot officer and his specific class, and just under the same details of the sergeant responsible for his maintenance.

This practice is not common in the Air Force, unlike other NATO air forces, although Zaragoza’s 15th Wing did so a few years ago on part of its fleet of EF-18M fighter-bombers, in fact some of them still do. Your planes keep their pilots’ last names on the left. (Julio Maz Sanz)


– The new identification of Wing 14’s Eurofighter with the surname and rank of its pilot and mechanic on the left. (Photo Julio Maz / )

– Another Eurofighter from Wing 14 with the last name and rank of its pilot and mechanic directly below the infrared sensor PIRATE (Passive Infrared Airborne Track Equipment). (Photo Julio Maz / )

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