Why is Airbus crushing Boeing when delivering new aircraft in 2020?

The world’s largest manufacturers have been arguing for decades over how to order new aircraft. And that rivalry extends through the constant search for efficiency and a focus on delivering more aircraft each year. It is always interesting to keep up with this “race” as innovation is a constant, some of which will have a huge impact on the overall transformation of aviation.

With the worldwide shutdown of the Boeing 737 MAX in 2019 and the pandemic in 2020, this maxim has lost some of its luster. On the one hand, with 384 MAXs stationed in the factory and the American company’s shipyards awaiting its release, on the other hand, Covid has taken thousands of orders and thousands more orders over the next decade.

Because of this, this sharp number of deliveries has been left behind on one side and the other, and today the world is seeing the signs of the times with Airbus “crushing” Boeing in the amount of deliveries.

The Airbus delivery advantage grows

Historically, the demand for narrow-body aircraft has been greater than that for wide-body aircraft, as the demand for short and medium-haul flights is much higher. It turns out that Boeing’s only slim-body family is the 737 MAX, which cannot fly (and cannot be shipped yet).

This has given Airbus a huge advantage. Please note the comparison table below, which shows the number of deliveries per year. There are three times more Airbus deliveries or 243 more aircraft than Boeing in 2020.

But everything can change next year. When the 737 MAX is recertified later this year, Boeing is expected to require a fast delivery pace as many companies need the aircraft to optimize their fleets with more economical aircraft, especially during times of severe crisis.

And that should help the American company to “clean up its balance sheet”, drastically reduce inventory levels and record the revenues provided depending on the delivery of the aircraft. But it won’t be easy, Boeing’s road to recovery will be long.

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