Why did Boeing buildings stamp the number 12?

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One fact attracts the attention of everyone living or traveling in and around Seattle: Boeing’s large presence in the region and number 12 everywhere, including on the manufacturer’s premises.

The number has nothing to do with the identification of a company hangar or its year of foundation, nor with its age, but with how the company is connected to the hometown and its community.

Although Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago, Illinois decades ago, it is a company that was born and established in Washington, Seattle, to be precise, as was its former subsidiary United Airlines, which it still has its headquarters in Chicago today .

And since his hometown roots are very strong, that’s where the explanation for number 12 comes from. Boeing is considered the 12th player on the city team: the Seattle Seahawks.

© Washington State Department of Ecology

The term 12th player usually refers to the fans of a soccer team as there are 11 players on the field and the 12th player would be the fans themselves. One of the giants of American football participating in the Western Conference, the Seattle Seahawks have been sponsored by Boeing for some time.

In the Seattle team, the number 12 jersey is not worn by any player as it is officially the jersey of the fans. It is not uncommon to walk into a Boeing facility and see an employee wearing the Seahawks shirt, which the company allows and even encourages.

Giant 12th man flag at Boeing in Everett by r / Seahawks

Part of that incentive is the placement of the various number 12 flags in various buildings, facilities, and hangars on the Boeing production line in the Seattle area.

And the support is so great that even a huge Boeing 747-8 has the image of the team with a beautiful blue-green tail and the words “Spirit of the 12s. Go hawks! “

© Boeing

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