Why did Azul send two Airbus A330 jets to Mexico?

Azul Linhas Aéreas has sent some of its Airbus A330s to Mexico in the last few days, which has even generated information about possible returns. However, today we received feedback from a request to the company to confirm the actual condition of the aircraft.

So it happened that we even reported earlier this month that an Airbus A330 from Azul, which once belonged to Avianca Brasil, would be returned to the lessor and would therefore definitely leave the Azul fleet. The information came to us from reputable sources who have databases of aircraft from around the world and which were used to supply other special vehicles around the world. We contacted Azul immediately to confirm that the goal was really to return and the company responded to us today, see below.

Additionally, two days ago, another of the company’s A330s was registered in flight tracking systems, following the same route as the previous one, adding further doubts. We also take the opportunity to understand the reason this aircraft was flying.

Then why Mexico?

The first Airbus to fly to Mexico was the PR-AIS, formerly Avianca Brasil, which, according to the German portal Skyliner-Aviation, was returned to the owner because Azul no longer needs the aircraft due to the falling demand in the pandemic.

More recently, two days ago, PR-AIU also traveled to Mexico City with a memorial painting by Azul Viagens, the company’s travel agent, as shown in the following screenshot from FlightRadar24.

Flight path of the A330 Azul journey to Mexico – FlightRadar24

But the truth is the jets are going to Mexico, but they’re coming back. Azul announced today that the planes needed servicing at Mexicana MRO, the maintenance division of Mexicana de Aviación, a local aviation company that once owned an airline and has already flown to Brazil, which will close its doors in 2010.

However, the company’s MRO continued to operate and is a reference for heavy maintenance on large aircraft such as the Airbus A330 and Boeing 767. Other Brazilian companies such as LATAM and then Avianca Brasil have also used the Mexican company’s service.

THE BACK: There is no forecast for the return of the two planes yet, but this should not be done until next month as the heavy checks will take at least 30 days. In the near future, this A330 maintenance will be carried out in the company’s hangar in Campinas, where other models such as the A320 are already being serviced:

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