White Hell 2021: The ordeal by fire for the recently activated command of the army’s mountain troops

Various locations in the Jacetania in Huesca are the selected backdrop for the first major exercise in which the recently activated Mountain Troop Command (MTM) is participating. It takes place between March 18th and 26th in an area around the Sierra de Tendeera between the valleys of the Gllego and Ara rivers in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

This training of the Spanish Army (ET) influences military operations in mountainous terrain, where snow and intense cold seem to be the protagonists, and is carried out under the direction and guidance of the Mountain Troop Command, but framed within the framework of the division in which it is located , the San Marcial.

Much of the weight of the operations was assigned to the Amrica 66 de Cazadores de Montaa Infantry Regiment (RICZM), which has its normal location near Pamplona, ​​but which for this training problem is being transferred almost in its position in total to several locations nearby by Jaca. A Tactical Operations Center (TOC) will be set up in La Victoria Barracks, where the RICZM Galicia 64 is located, from which the various operations will be coordinated.

On the 22nd day, with the support of transport helicopters from the ET Aeromobile Forces (FAMET), an airborne operation is planned that will materialize a movement of mountain troops from the Santa Cilia airfield to a place from which the men and other material will be on their own Move wisely so that on the 24th they can be the protagonists of an offensive action in which they receive the support of medium mortars, 105mm light gun artillery and even attack helicopters, cover a sanitary evacuation operation from CASEVAC (Casualty Evacuation).

On the same night, an aerial mission with helicopters is planned to displace a Special Operations Command (MOE) task force that is carrying out a night action on a specific target that is later to be extracted from the location using the same means. Infierno Blanco is also home to advanced reconnaissance teams based within the FAOES (Support Forces to OEs), such as the Advanced Reconnaissance Company (CRAV) of the Parachute Brigade or the Company of Climbing Skiers (CEE) of the RCIZM Galicia 64. A small group of staff from the teams of the ET Information Operations Regiment will also do their vital work, taking into account the difficulties of the challenging terrain of Huesca, which will employ advanced tactical camera systems, staff with electronic staff, war teams and other support from the Aragn I Brigade of Zaragoza, which will comprise a total of around eight hundred soldiers, almost five hundred of whom will be from the MTM.

All of this is part of the purpose of preparing and training the Mountain Tactical Group in emergency response. This objective includes the planning and operation in Winterbergen, the planning and management and control of units, the implementation of fire support by helicopters or coordination missions between mountain units, paratroopers and OEs. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: The greater weight of the operations in Infierno Blanco 2021 corresponds to the RICZM Amrica 66, which contributes five hundred troops. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

The valleys near Jaca are chosen as the backdrop for this important winter mountain exercise. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Various elements related to the command and control tasks are defined. This is a fundamental aspect of managing mining operations in real time. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

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