When the KLM Jumbo lands for the last time, the police will keep the spotters away from the airport

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The Dutch municipality of Haarlemmermeer has asked enthusiasts and aircraft spotters – aircraft watchers and photographers – not to travel to Schiphol Airport on Sunday 25 October to see the final landing of a Boeing 747-400M airline company KLM.

Image: Alf van Beem / Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The municipality is concerned with the formation of metropolitan areas and non-compliance with the rules of the coronavirus, reports the Dutch portal NH Nieuws.

KLM planned to take its 747 Combi out of service in March, a model in which passengers and cargo share the cabin. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Dutch airline decided to keep three of them in operation for an airlift between China and the Netherlands.

The Jumbos were even taken out of service at this point, and only after two weeks did KLM decide to return the flights.

On the day of that first retirement in March, dozens of observers ignored the recommendation to stay away and grabbed the nearby Schiphol runway to see the final landing.

The airport is known around the world for having free access areas a few tens of meters from the runways, with no partitions or with very low barriers.

To prevent the same agglomeration from happening again this Sunday in March, the police and inspection officers will be present at and around the airport to control the movement. The mayor of Haarlemmermeer, Marianne Schuurmans, said that if the recommendation is not followed, she will close the observation areas.

The newest Boeing 747-400M from KLM, called “Vancouver City”, is scheduled to land in Schiphol on Sunday (local time) at around 4:30 pm. The final landing must be broadcast live on aviation channels on YouTube.

Vela recalls that despite the end of the history of jumbo passenger aircraft at KLM, the 747-400F – pure cargo version – will still be operated for some time in the colors of the Dutch company’s KLM Cargo division.

KLM Cargo Boeing 747-400F

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