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The Volvo FM 450 Globetrotter tractor units will be on par with the trailers used by the Air Force’s Automobile Group (GRUAUT) of General Air Command (MAGEN) for their air quality due to their towing capacity. A400M.

This group has 19 of these rugged heads from the Swedish multinational Volvo Trucks. We are confronted with the heavy weight of the transport capacity of this Air Army Group, which puts up a total of 262 vehicles of various classes and categories and facilitates maintenance at the headquarters in Getafe (Madrid).

The Volvo FM 450 Globetrotter joined GRUAUT in 2017 and is now the main mode of transport for this little-known group, whose main function is to transport heavy loads. They are powered by a powerful 10.8 liter diesel engine with a Volvo engine brake (VEB) that develops 450 hp / 338 kW. Therefore, it has the necessary functions to handle a 40-ton set and move different trailers to carry freight containers or gondolas to move different materials like other vehicles.

The last missions of this medium included the transport of a large part of the material used by the Baltic Air Policing (BAP) department, which, based in Iauliai (Lithuania), had ensured the protection of NATO’s Baltic allies. The GRUAUT transport mission consisted of bringing the bulky material received in the port of Bilbao (Biscay), brought from Klaipda, Lithuania, to the Zaragoza Air Force Base, the headquarters of Wing 15, which contributed most of the staff and its EF -18M fighter-bomber.

In October, GRUAUT also mobilized its resources, mainly its Volvo FM 450, to move material from several of the mid-month air force units to the air force base in Gando, Gran Canaria. Although most of the equipment and personnel was transported by air, mainly on Ala 31’s A400M, much of the enormous cargo volume was by sea from Cdiz to Puerto de la Luz in the Canary Islands GRUAUT previously carried all of the cargo from the bases of Albacete and Torrejn (Madrid) to the port of Cadiz. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: One of the GRUAUT Volvo FM 450s. (Photo Julio Maz / )

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