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The Army (ET) Mountain and Special Operations School (EMMOE) in Jaca, Huesca will begin a new training session in December aimed at working protocols with explosives, known as a specialty for openings or violations. What is taught, what are initial foundational doctrines, aims to improve training in techniques for opening access to infrastructure that allows holes to be opened in walls, doors or windows to facilitate instant access to the interior.

During these days, the procedures for the use of explosives in this particular area of ​​Special Operations (OUs) will be deepened and improved and the interoperability between different units of this specialty in Spain will be improved. All of this framed by a tactical scenario that will take place in an urban setting and take shape in direct action on a specific target.

The EMMOE-led conference will be led by professors from this center who position the Jaca School as a benchmark in the industry and a pioneer in the use of non-electrical systems to activate explosive charges. The planned activities, the program of which has already been completed, will include a series of hands-on exercises that will be attended by operational teams from OEs of the ET Special Operations Command (MOE), the Naval Naval War Force (FGNE), and the Parachute Sapper Squadron (EZAPAC ) of the Air Force.

In these practices, it is programmed to use a type of load specifically designed for that type of task. The technique of injury by applying explosives to walls, walls, doors, etc. makes it possible to ensure the access of the attack team in a quick, surgical manner and with surprising effect on the occupants of the interior, whereby this capacity gives the units a tactical superiority. special operations, minimizing possible own losses and increasing the guarantee of success in the attack. The conference will conclude with a selection of products specializing in openings from American and Swedish suppliers. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photo: The use of explosives in urban environments is a combat method that characterizes Special Operations Operational Teams. (EMMOE)

The conference, which will take place in Jaca, will mean an improvement in the preparation and training of the Spanish OEs operators. (EMMOE)

The explosive allows a breakthrough in a door, wall or window to be opened to allow quick and effective entry into the interior. (EMMOE)

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