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Vikings tell the story of a warrior people. This is a comprehensive study that will be of interest to readers of military history, those interested in Norse peoples, Scandinavian culture, studying invasions from the west, and scholars of ancient history. This essay shows how one people was the protagonist of an expansion in much of the known world, particularly by sea, and how it went beyond and even reached the other side of the ocean. They gained ground from the French, one of the most powerful kingdoms of their time, and became an elite corps within the Byzantine Guard. The play begins as follows: “Lindisfarne Island, England, year 793. The small community of monks who lived on the island did their daily chores of thought, work and prayer without even realizing that there was a threat the sea would take their lives – life and everything they carefully tended; a terrible enemy would emerge who from that moment and until practically three centuries later would hold the peasants, clergy and kings of much of Europe and the Middle East in check : the Vikings. “

Various aspects of the life of these warriors are discovered in this book and it contains an appendix on the chronology of the kings during the Viking Age, 32 color photographs and a large archive of documents. The work consists of 26 chapters and is divided into eight parts: Encounter with the Vikings, the British Isles, France, the Christian kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula, Al-ndalus, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, the discovery of the new countries and the end of the Viking Age . An interesting chapter from a military point of view is 2 “The Viking Warrior”, in which the equipment and weapons, the composition of the troops and their training as well as the description of the Berserkir and the Ulfhednar are described in detail. It shows in a simple way who they were, where they came from and what beliefs and customs they had, as well as a brief description of their attacks and their fruitful discoveries and settlements. Hell for some, useful allies for others, these innovative pagan sailors from Scandinavia who were once pirates as mercenaries or merchants were also prolific farmers, skilled artisans, and born settlers who pushed the boundaries of the known world beyond the world. Atlantic several centuries before Columbus. Thus we see how and why the Vikings were a warlike and legendary people who sailed the seas aboard their ships, the famous Drakkars, reached the coastal cities and subdued quite a few populations, reaching the United Kingdom, Spain and even. he says to land in what is now North America. All of this allows them to enjoy a mythical aura that is very attractive to a large audience, as shown by the successful TV series “Vikings” alongside numerous films, documentaries and historical reenactments.

The author, Mara de la Paloma Chacn, has a degree in history from Complutense University of Madrid and graduated in 2019 for the interuniversity masters degree from Complutense University of Madrid and Polytechnic University of Madrid. “Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century: Management and Research”. She was a member of the Complutense Associate Department of Military History. She specializes in medieval history and researches, among other things, with live musealization. He’s a member of the Knights of Ulver historical recreation group, and an interesting aspect of what he’s doing is trying to find new ways to spark interest in history, especially those further removed from the academic world.

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Mara de la Paloma Chacn

Editorial process, 2020

363 pages

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