Vice Admiral Fernando Alfonso Angli Rodríguez, new commanding officer of the headquarters of the Mexican Navy Noticias

The Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) has appointed Vice Admiral Fernando Alfonso Angli Rodríguez as the new Commander of the High Command, a key position to which he is to replace Admiral Jos Luis Arellano Ruz, who took over the position in August 2020.

The SEMAR reported on this new designation, which will be given in accordance with the rotational dynamics of the Secretariat’s commands. The change of command took place in the facilities of the Navy, where Vice Admiral CG DEM Fernando Alfonso Angli Rodrguez received the position of commander of the headquarters of the High Command from Admiral Jos Luis Arellano Ruiz.

Vice Admiral CG DEM Fernando Alfonso Angli Rodrguez is originally from Veracruz and holds a degree in Naval Science Engineer from Heroica Naval Military School. He has completed various graduate degrees and courses including the course in Naval Command, a Masters in Naval Administration, a Diploma in General Staff, and a Masters in National Security at the Center for Naval Superior Studies; Hydrography course in Chile; and Search and Rescue Course at Acapulco Search and Rescue School.

He held various positions as commander of surface units, including the ship ARM Lizardi (P-15) and the ship ARM Aguascalientes (A-03); in addition to various positions as director of the Mexican Navy Training Center; Deputy Director General for Oceanography, Hydrography and Meteorology; Among other things, Deputy Naval Attaché at the Mexican Embassy in Spain and Commander of the Gulf Navy.

In his maritime career, he has received various awards for his uninterrupted years of active service in the Mexican Navy: tenacity from sixth to first grade and exceptional tenacity from third and second grade. and the Mexican Legion of Honor Award, bestowed by the Secretary of Defense for observing impeccable behavior during his years of service; and the First Class Naval Teacher’s credit for serving as a military professor at Heroic Naval Military School, SEMAR stated.

Admiral Arellano Ruiz has a long career in the Navy and works in sensitive areas such as anti-drug trafficking intelligence. During President Vicente Fox’s reign, he was a member of the team of intelligence officials who developed the sealing operation to combat trafficking in drugs, weapons and banned substances on the high seas.

The sealing operation resulted from the application of the strategy of using trinomes to combat the activity of the narco by sea. The trinom consists of the deployment of ocean patrol vessels with interceptors and embarked helicopters to locate, track and record identified targets through the exchange of intelligence information.

This way of combating drug trafficking by sea has been perfected and continues to be used in SEMAR, now with the support of new technologies and strategic alliances with other countries. Admiral Arellano is originally from the state of Veracruz, graduated from the Heroic Naval Military School (HENM) as a marine science engineer and was the commander of several naval ships as well as the 8th Marine Zone and rector of the naval university.

Graduated from Heroic Military Naval School as a Marine Science Engineer, the Admiral has conducted various postgraduate degrees and courses, among which the following stand out: Masters in Naval Administration, Diploma in National Security, Political Analysis and Public Safety UIA, Specialized Course in Advanced Studies in Politics and strategy and official course for maritime and harbor protection, among other things alongside the master’s degree in security and national defense.

Jos Luis Arellano Ruiz received the position of Commander of the Headquarters of the High Command on August 17, 2020, replacing Admiral Mario Carbajal Ramrez, who in turn was appointed Inspector and General Controller of the Navy. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

Photo: Nude Appointment of Vice Admiral Fernando Alfonso Angli Rodrguez as commander of his headquarters of the Mexican Navy High Command (SEMAR)

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