Vice Admiral Eugenio Díaz del Río Jáudenes appointed Admiral of the Spanish Navy Fleet-Noticias

The new admiral of the Spanish naval fleet, Vice Admiral Eugenio Daz del Ro Judenes, entered the Naval Military School in 1980 and received his posting from Alfrez de Navo in 1985. He has a degree in General Staff and has the complementary specialty of Integrated Systems Analyst.

Among his goals on the water, his time as commander of the frigate Mndez Nez, the patrol boat Toralla, the corvette Vencedora and the patrol boat Laya for gunboats stand out. He was commander of the High Availability Maritime Headquarters, Admiral of the Department of Plans of the Army General Staff, Chief of the AJEMA Cabinet, Technical Advisor to the Cabinet of the Minister of Defense and was assigned to the General Staff of the Navy.

Abroad, he was stationed in Northwood as head of MARCOM and SNMG-2. He is in possession of the Grand Cross of RMOSH, a Grand Cross for naval merit with white marking, six crosses for naval merit with white marking, a cross for aviation merit with white marking and various awards from international organizations.

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