Venezuela’s military aviation activates a new training center

The 63rd Lt. Col. Regulo Juan Carmona Aeronautical Training Center has been inaugurated and will operate from Generalsimo Francisco de Miranda Air Force Base in Caracas. This new training center, which will start operating from this month in November, is attached to the Grupo Areo de Transporte N 5, an administrative transport unit that provides services for the transfer of senior public and military officials using the Cessna 500 Citation, Cessna 550 Citation II, Cessna 750 Citation X, Beechcraft King Air BE-200 and Beechcraft King Air BE-350.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of People’s Power for Defense of Venezuela, General Vladimir Padrino Lpez, and the General Commander of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Military Aviation, Major General Jos Rafael Silva Aponte

The center will enable Venezuelan military aviation to train pilots and crew members of the various air groups and contribute to the training of the elements of the other three components of the National Armed Forces, which operate air teams for administrative and liaison operations. At the same time, the new unit will be able to issue instructions to civil associations that request it, as it is certified by the National Institute of Civil Aviation (INAC) of Venezuela for the training of non-military personnel.

The Aeronautical Training Center got its name from Lt. Col. Rgulo Juan Carmona, who on November 4, 1980 was in service with the Lockheed C-130H Hercules FAV-3556 of Air Transport Group No. 6, who suffered an accident at Simn Bolvar International Airport, along with the other five Crew members of the aircraft died. (Douglas Bravo Colmenares)

Photos (courtesy PP Department of Defense): Aeronautical Training Center number 63, Lt. Col. Regulo Juan Carmona of Venezuelan Military Aviation

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