Venezuela denounces that Colombian narcoterrorists are setting up anti-personnel mines on Venezuelan territory-Noticias

Nicols Maduro warned of the existence of anti-personnel mines set up by irregular Colombian groups on the border between the state of Apure and the neighboring country, a zone of confrontation in recent days, specifically referring to the death of one of the two Venezuelan soldiers, the Major Edward Ramn Corobo Segovia entering a murderous mine. He assured that the clashes between members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), deployed on the Colombian-Venezuelan border as part of the Bolivarian shield operation by Simn Bolvar, and Colombian armed groups are aimed at leading to a military conflict between the United States armies of the two passes escalate.

This Tuesday, March 30, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lpez stressed that Colombian paramilitary groups had installed anti-personnel mines on Venezuelan territory to prevent the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) from operating. The government of Venezuela reiterates that, according to the Ministry of Defense, there have been eight deaths, six terrorists and two soldiers from the Venezuelan army, as well as 39 prisoners and the destruction of the El Amparo customs office as of this Saturday, March 27th.

Maduro directly accused Colombian President Ivn Duque of protecting these armed groups. Duque is involved in this plan to escalate into a violent confrontation because he was looking for him and because the United States Southern Command was involved in coordinating these actions. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza announced that he would seek special support from the United Nations Organization (UN) to dismantle anti-personnel mines following clashes with armed groups in Apure state that keep border communities tense.

A communiqué said that the events near the city of La Victoria show that these armed Colombian groups are cracking down on civilians, attacking electricity, tax and state oil companies using terrorist methods such as planting anti-personnel mines to dismantle them Venezuela is requesting special support from the United Nations, the document says. (Thiany Rodrguez, Caracas)

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