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Clashes between armed groups, which, according to the Venezuelan and Colombian media, will operate in different areas of the extensive border shared by the two countries, began on the afternoon of last Friday, February 5, in the area of ​​El Cuero de Agua Linda and them have moved to the Mata Gorda and Pozn de Babilla sectors, all north of Puerto Ayacucho, the capital of the Amazon state, due to operations by the Bolivarian Armed Forces as part of Operation JIWI 2021.

The Venezuelan military operation consists of special forces exposed to irregular groups operating in the Venezuelan Amazon that continued until yesterday on Sunday, with air strikes from Hongdu K-8W Karakoram aircraft of the Air Group of Special Operations No. 15, with one unofficial The balance of six victims among the members of the group remains outside the law and no loss is to be regretted on the Venezuelan side.

This new incident takes place a few kilometers from the border with Colombia and is being carried out by the Joint Special Forces Directorate (a group established in July 2020 and affiliated with the National Forces Operational Strategic Command) and the 52 Jungle Infantry Brigade under under the command of GB (EB) Juan Carlos Tern Hernndez, and which they have named Operation JIWI 2021.

According to the Venezuelan press, the actions on the ground began in late January with patrol and search operations that made it possible to find an armed cell, which had not yet been identified and which would consist of an indefinite number of people with guns of various types and caliber and support weapons were armed, resulting in an armed clash between the suspected irregular elements and the Venezuelan Special Forces, which included a mixed force of approximately 150 professional troops and soldiers from the 99th Special Forces Brigade of the Army, the Bolivarian National Guard Command Action Group, the 8th Navy Commando Brigade, the 7th Fluvial Marine Infantry Brigade, and the 52nd Jungle Infantry Brigade, in addition to air support from Special Operations No. 15 and No. 17 of the Bolivarian Military Aviation.

According to the Colombian and Venezuelan media, it is believed that the group of irregular persons could be subversives of the National Liberation Army (ELN) or dissidents of the Extinct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), armed groups that, according to the media of both countries, could be in different Areas of the extensive border that Colombia and Venezuela have in common, although this information has not been confirmed by either Bogota or Caracas. (Douglas Bravo Colmenares)

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