Vaccination against Covid is not mandatory for Uruguayan military personnel who do not go abroad

High Defense Ministry sources have announced that vaccination of Uruguayan military personnel against the coronavirus is not currently mandatory, at least at the national level, despite the Directorate of Military Health urging military personnel to be vaccinated.

Receiving the vaccination is absolutely inevitable for uniformed men appointed for review in operational peacekeeping missions (both due to the mandate of the United Nations and other international organizations and the high rate of infection that has been registered in the contingent relay, particularly in the in Monusco (Democratic Republic of the Congo), as well as other exits abroad that are subject to supranational regulations, are supposed to reach the rest of the military through messages that rely on personal conviction.

The National Director for Military Health, grail. Carlos Rombys reminded that vaccination is voluntary and we appeal for the importance of vaccinating our employees. You need to be vaccinated. In any case, members of the armed forces, the police and the fire brigade are vaccinated voluntarily together with the health workers, albeit mainly in front of other professional groups or age groups. (Javier Bonilla)

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