Uzbek Air Force retrieves 6 L-39 training aircraft – news

On February 7th, the Uzbek Air Force took possession of the last of its 6 L-39C Albatros trainers, on which Aero Vodochody revised and slightly modernized its on-board equipment. The Czech manufacturer is trying to expand its relationship with electricity users so that they trust its dubious capabilities, as evidenced by the fact that it took two and a half years to do this work on half a dozen devices, a contract signed in September 2018 was signed with the support of Aero’s Long -term strategic partner, Omnipol. In 2019, all 6 aircraft arrived at the Vodochody facility under strict secrecy. The original Russian radio station and the on-board telephone were replaced by a Czech one. The radio navigation system has been replaced by one from Garmin. the Radiocomps from one of the most modern technologies; and Rosemount Aerospace’s ice survey.

Aero material in the order of 2,900 L-39 Albatros, as this outdated device was the trainer chosen by the now defunct Warsaw Pact, of which only a few hundred are still in use. Uzbekistan received it after the disappearance of the Soviet Union and some countries continue to use it for recognition and border protection, but with limited capacities. The manufacturer offers support services for this model and its developments L-59 and L-159. In 2020, maintenance, repair and modernization orders were placed by four operators in Africa and Central Asia for the L-39C and L-39ZA as well as for the maintenance of 16 L-159s of the Czech Air Force.

In December, three L-39ZAs were delivered to the Nigerian Air Force after repairs and implementation of a service life-extension program. Three other aircraft from this country have undergone a major overhaul in Aero. Aero Vodochody Aerospace is the largest aerospace manufacturer in the Czech Republic, dedicated to the development, manufacture, maintenance, overhaul and upgrading of military and civil aircraft. The origins go back to 1919. With a history of 11,000 aircraft made in a hundred years and now attempts to market the supposedly new generation L-39NG unsuccessfully, far from the performance, characteristics and capabilities of other western aircraft on the market.

Photo: L-39C from Uzbekistan.

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