Ukraine reports Brazil’s interest in its anti-tank missile systems

The Ukrainian state-owned foreign trade company SpetsTechnoExport assures that Brazil has shown great interest in anti-tank missile systems developed by the Kiev-based state design bureau Luch. The first technical consultation between Ukraine and the Republic of Brazil took place on Monday as part of the defense dialogue launched in 2020 between the two countries.

A focus of the preliminary meeting would have been the further cooperation in the delivery of anti-tank guidance systems (ATGM) and 90- and 105-mm guided missiles, the development and delivery of aircraft missiles and their integration into Gripen-Jäger as possible joint production of armored vehicles and heavy aircraft .

The state project office in Luch is developing missile systems such as the Stugna-P and Corsar, the Neptune anti-ship cruise missile system and the Vilha long-range missile system.

The Ukrainian anti-tank missile systems Stugna-P and Corsar light are designed to destroy modern fixed and mobile armored targets with combined, transported or monolithic armor, including ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor), and to locate targets such as weapon positions and objects with light armor and helicopters hover. (Javier Bonilla)

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