Two LATAM Airbus A320s crash into the ground in Chile

Photo: Nube Patriota / @ mateo_122

Yesterday (October 29th) two Airbus A320s (CC-BAE and CC-BFL) from LATAM Chile shocked the wing tips during the towing process to the position of one of them. The incident happened on the morning of last Thursday (29) at Santiago International Airport in Chile.

When being towed out of position, the A320 without passengers hit the wing section of the other A320 in the side position. This victim was on board passengers, which reportedly caused some concern among passengers.

Planes crash on the Aeropuerto Stgo … nothing works in Chile … yeah yeah

– NUBE PATRIOTA (@ MATEO_122) October 29, 2020

LATAM Airlines Chile issued a note about the incident in Chile.

‚ÄúThis morning (29) there was a small incident between two aircraft in our fleet at Santiago Airport. Contact between the two aircraft occurred when the ground services company team was towing one of the aircraft with no passengers and hit the other aircraft while boarding. There were no injuries and the two planes were removed for maintenance. ”

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