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With the deactivation of the 422 Air Force Group, the only squadron, the 422, became dependent on Wing 37, which now has two squadrons of aircraft, the 422, which is equipped with the veteran Beechcraft F-33C Bonanza and the 371 with the C212 Aviocar .

Both units have been operating at Villanubla Air Force Base near Valladolid, Wing 37 (founded in Albacete in 1962) since 1974, and 422 Air Force Group has been doing so since 2007. Now 422 is integrated into Wing 37 and has continued to operate as The basic task of retraining pilots who are not in flight targets is 22 F.33C Bonanza or E.24A according to the Spanish military designation. These single-engine engines, which were equipped with a Continental O-470 six-cylinder engine, were accepted into the Air Force in 1974, initially for training purposes, in addition to the connection. You can carry three passengers in addition to the pilot.

Due to their technical simplicity, these aircraft are very efficient and inexpensive to operate, with several secondary functions also being carried out, for example the logistical connection between centers, agencies and units or which serve as slow or slow moving equipment in training. Radar systems of modern combat aircraft.

With the decision to integrate the group 42 in the wing 37, in addition to cost savings and a considerable relief of the rationality of the staff, a largely de facto existing situation is regulated, since the maintenance tasks of the Bonanzas have long been the responsibility. Years of the 37 Wing Material Group, which also converts the CN235, which was converted at the beginning of the century, into the naval patrol version or Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA).

The Bonanzas still have a long lifespan due to their versatility, easy maintenance and low running costs. Hence, this fleet of light aircraft still offers great opportunities to the military establishment. Therefore, its useful life as a liaison aircraft, training and other mentioned missions could be greatly extended, as the loss of the last bonanza is not expected until 2039. (Julio Maz Sanz).

Photo: One of the 422 squadron F.33C Bonanza, in the background you can see the control tower of the Villanubla Air Force Base. (Photo Julio Maz / )

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