Turkey was in talks with the UK to equip its navy with an aircraft carrier

The Turkish Navy, about to remove the amphibious assault ship ?? Anadolu ?? The next goal of Spanish design is to acquire an aircraft carrier for which the UK would have requested a quote.

Turkey entered negotiations with the UK over the past year to acquire a new or used aircraft carrier, according to the Daily Sabah and Middle East Eye websites. According to these media, the Turkish Defense Ministry had applied for the purchase of one of the “Queen Elizabeth” classes, but after the British refused to accept the direct sale, the Turks decided to build their first aircraft carrier. indigenous.

According to these media, the UK offered the opportunity to sell the design of this aircraft carrier and provide technical support for the construction in Turkey. However, the option was officially rejected by the United Kingdom, so Turkey would have decided to build its own ship of this type or large ship.

In December 2020 it was announced that Turkey and the UK had signed a free trade agreement or free trade deal to create a strategic partnership with implications beyond trade and economy. The British representative assured that I was negotiating In Ankara it was reported that both governments had also agreed to negotiate a more ambitious and comprehensive agreement. Although unspecified, the free trade agreement would also strengthen cooperation between British and Turkish defense companies.

But London cannot deviate from the line taken by the United States, which has had close ties to the regime of Turkish President Erdogan’s regime for years, which ultimately led to Turkey being excluded from the F-35 generation program.

Turkey has already had the experience of building the amphibious assault ship or Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Anadolu on site, although with the support of Spanish Navantia, which is responsible for the design, based on that of the Spanish ship Juan Carlos I ?? . The ?? Anadolu ?? It is currently in the final phase of construction and system tests and is due to be delivered to the Turkish naval forces or Türk Deniz Kuvetleri (TSK) in May of this year.

It is designed to operate with vertical short takeoff landings or vertical short takeoff landings (STOVL), as well as with helicopters. TSK had planned to equip itself with the STOVL variant of the F-35, the B, which could also be operated from a new aircraft carrier, like British F-35B from the “Queen Elizabeth” class. The problem for Ankara would be that, rather than equipping itself with ships of this type, it would be more than a long way off to purchase the F-35B and an aircraft carrier with catapults to use embarked fighter planes without STOVL capability. Even if they were bought, the Navy lacked experience with embarked fixed-wing aircraft, and that would last for many years.

In any case, the Turkish Navy will make a spectacular leap with the installation of the Anadolu, which has a length of 231 m, a width of 32 m, a draft of 6.9 m and a displacement of 24,660 tons in the Anadolu mission configuration “light aircraft carrier “or 27,079 tons as LHD. For its role as an air marine, it has a 5,440 m² flight deck and a 990 m² aircraft hangar with a capacity for 12 medium-sized helicopters or 8 heavy-duty helicopters. When the aircraft hangar and light cargo garage are combined, the ship can carry and operate up to 25 medium-sized helicopters. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photo: The future Turkish LHD ship ?? Anadolu ?? It will be delivered to TSK in May 2022. (Photo: SNMCMG1).

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