Turkey trains Libyan soldiers in the use of air defense systems-Noticias

Up to 20 Libyan soldiers returned to their country late last week after training with air defense systems for three weeks in Turkey. The Turkish Ministry of Defense said this on its social networks this Monday. Twenty members of the Libyan Army who came to Turkey under the Agreement on Military Training, Assistance and Advice were trained in air defense weapon systems … The soldiers returned to Libya yesterday after completing their training in Konya. “

A training video was also posted on social media showing various Turkish air defense systems including the KORKUT 35mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, KALKAN-II search and tracking radar, IHASAVAR and IHTAR UAVs radio protection systems, ACAR ground surveillance radar and Oerlikon 35mm towed radar Anti-aircraft gun.

On November 27, 2019, Ankara and Tripoli signed two memorandums of understanding on military cooperation and the maritime borders of the Eastern Mediterranean countries. Turkey has since continued to provide military support to Libyan government forces in various ways. This includes mine clearance and unexploded ordnance training as well as a special unit course. The Air Defense Systems Training Course aims to train government forces to acquire the ability to intercept the aircraft of the armed forces of Warlord Khalifa Haftar, particularly the drones he uses, the most important of which are the Wing Loong 2 drones (Mohammed Halimi , Correspondent for the Edefa Group in North Africa)

Photo: Libyan soldiers train with the simulator of the KORKUT system (Turkish Ministry of Defense)

Libyan soldiers train with the KALKAN-II radar (Turkish Ministry of Defense)

Libyan soldiers train with the 35mm Oerlikon (Turkish Ministry of Defense)

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