TSD Technology and Security Developments, award for including people with disabilities in the CEPYME award

TSD International was awarded the prize for the integration of people with disabilities into the world of work in the 7th edition of the CEPYME Awards. More than 500 companies participated in the edition.

An award given by the company’s President, Antonio Ramrez, to His Majesty King Felipe VI. It has been collected and which stands for the company’s inherited recognition for the work it has been doing for years to include people with disabilities in all group companies.

In the words of Antonio Ramrez, receiving this award was a real moral boost for us, especially at those moments when the global pandemic has required greater efforts where possible to keep our group’s activities going.

Divisegur, another company in the group, was a finalist for these awards in the job creation category.

Since its TSD division, the company has been active worldwide for more than 30 years in the national and international markets for security and defense of special vehicles as well as in the manufacture of elements for the railway world for companies in this rail sector.

Two years ago, the company reformulated its business strategy and focused its efforts on innovation, digitizing its manufacturing and sales processes, which enabled it to enter new markets, expand its products and promote uptake, such as the CEPYME award was recognized.

It also has a professional training center approved by the Junta de Castilla-Mancha that allows knowledge to be assessed by making it available to young people who choose to train in welding, painting, bodywork and composites.

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