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The components of the protection of the armed forces of the Spanish mission in EUTM Mali have received rescue and recovery instructions from Allied fighters isolated on the battlefield. The main goal was to ensure the functionality and safety of our troops.

For this purpose, the activities were divided into a first purely theoretical part, a theoretical-practical part on the KTC training ground and a real exercise in the Koulikoro training area. In this exercise, the knowledge acquired in the first phases was put into practice. In addition, the participation of a Starlite helicopter made it possible to simulate the most realistic situations possible.

In the first theoretical phase, the existing standardized procedures in EUTM and Starlite were taught in a classroom. These procedures include searching, locating and identifying allies who have been isolated due to military action in the operational area.

The theoretical phase was followed by the theoretical-practical phase near the center where the recovery protocols were put into practice, in addition to a combat first aid review.

Finally, on the last day, the actual exercise was carried out with a helicopter, simulating a situation in which the armed forces protection unit located and rescued isolated Allied combatants at various points in the KTC maneuver field. In parallel to the protective tasks of the EUTM instructors, the Force Protection unit guarantees and receives additional operational capacity for the mission in this type of conference and course.

Spanish Brigadier General Fernando Gracia Herriz took over command of the European Union’s training mission in Mali (EUTM-Mali) last January and dismissed the mission’s previous commander, Czech General Frantiek Ridzk, who had been prosecuting since last June. EUTM Mal forms the military pillar of the EU’s strategy in the country, which also includes other areas such as political and humanitarian development. The mission began in 2013 to respond to the need to strengthen the capacities of Mal’s armed forces, with the end result of self-sufficient armed forces that can help defend their people and territory.

The mandate of the EUTM painting mission approved by the European Union in January 2013 is non-executive in nature. In other words, the members of the military do not take part in combat operations or accompany Malian units in their operations, but rather provide training, advice and training to Mal’s armed forces to help restore the territory under civilian authority to the integrity of the country. The fifth mandate of the mission has a duration of four years for the first time until May 18, 2024. This includes that the training can be carried out not only in Mal, but also temporarily in the other nations of the G5 Sahel zone (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mauritania, Mal and Nger). In the Council of Ministers on December 22, Spain approved a total of 530 troops for this mission in 2021.

Photo: evacuation by helicopter

Rescue and evacuation practice

Protect evacuation

Source and photo: Defense Staff.

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