Toledo 30S baptizes its 30 mm tower. for the 8×8 dragon video recorder of the army Pap Tecnos-Noticias

Pap Tecnos company has updated its proposal for a 30mm remote employment tower. for the Wheeled Combat Vehicle (VCR) 8×8 Dragn, which was christened the Toledo 30S turret, in homage to the city where the Army Infantry Academy is located, the caliber of the weapon, and S for the spike missile it carries .

The company has now decided to release the name it adopted a long time ago after the tower demonstrated its capabilities and to meet user requirements as part of the most recent evaluation it was subjected to.

The Toledo 30S tower is an adaptation of the Samson 30 from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which is why it was based on a tower that was already mature, tested and in operation in several countries. After two years, the demanding requirements of the Spanish Army were implemented and reviewed, and a modern, safe, risk-free, reliable and proven product was obtained, for which the Ministry of Defense has invested more than 90 million euros. Euros in technology programs.

The low profile and reduced silhouette increase the safety of the tower and allow it to accommodate an ATK 44S cannon with ABM (airbust ammunition) capacity, a coaxial light machine gun and a double spike LR rocket launcher. It is a next-generation lethal, multi-platform missile with extended range, improved lethality, and reduced weight. The software enables the use of the new fifth generation LR2 version in the tower. The tower also houses all of the electronic components and control units required to operate the tower.

Optimizing the weight of the Toledo 30S turret allows its integration with multiple platforms (including the Piraa V chosen for the Army’s VCR kite), thereby optimizing the very difficult balance between weight and armor required to protect the crew. By using an RWS configuration, the platform is free of any obstacles inside, which facilitates the ergonomics of staff, their safety and the proper use of the interior.


The optronic elements of reduced size and high performance are the same for the shooter and the boss of the vehicle, which greatly simplifies the army’s logistic chain. In addition, Pap Tecnos has an agreement with the Spanish company Tecnobit-Grupo Oesa, which has developed state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras. This company is responsible for manufacturing these components for the Toledo 30S tower worldwide. The tower enables integration into all types of command and control systems, laser alarm receivers, trigger detectors or mission systems.

The Toledo 30S Tower can now be integrated with Rafael’s Fire Weaver system, which can be used to record targets, locations, points of interest or personnel. This information is immediately exchanged between multiple systems in order to give the operating staff a better understanding of the situation. Fire Weaver uses artificial intelligence to analyze information from the combat environment and prioritize the assignment of targets. Rafael says Fire Weaver can determine the best marksman to attack a target based on many factors including line of sight, ammo status, or rules of engagement.

Rafael successfully presented this system to the ET through his Spanish subsidiary Pap Tecnos with a real demonstration in May last year at the legion base in Viator, where spike rocket launchers, RWS mini Samson, were successfully integrated. and other elements of observation on duty in the ET.

National bet

Manufactured, maintained and supported in Spain, the Torre Toledo 30S guarantees the maximum performance and availability of the video recorders, as shown by the latest tests of the technology program based on Viator, which achieved remarkable results in all the scenarios tested. including 30mm fire. Move against moving targets or launch spike missiles at the maximum range allowed by the field. The lightness of the tower, as well as its certified protection, as well as its ease of use and reliability, would ensure the protection of the Spanish troops, as well as the effectiveness of the missions entrusted to it. Accessibility and ease of maintenance guarantee availability. Pap Tecnos takes care of maintenance work such as that carried out in Mali, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as all over Spain with the Mini Sansn, for work that has been carried out for more than 10 years, as well as for improvements and modifications throughout the life cycle required are. that Pap Tecnos owns 100% of the system technology. (Ismael Pizarro)

Photo: Demonstrator D2 with the Toledo 30S tower during the tests in Almera (Pap Tecnos)

The Toledo 30S Tower Spike LR twin rocket launcher (Pap Tecnos)

Recording of the company video that was presented during the presentation of the company (Pap Tecnos)

The new corporate image of the Toledo 30S Tower (Pap Tecnos)

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