Those who reduced maritime power in Argentina to insignificance will not pay for the sinking of the ARA San Juan submarine

The sanctions against personnel of the Argentine naval forces for the loss of the submarine ARA San Juan were known. For the former Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral (R) Marcelo Srur, 45 days of rigorous arrest will be imposed, for the former Commander for Training and Operations of the Navy, Rear Admiral (R) Luis Enrique, 60 days of rigorous arrest for Lpez Mazzeo and dismissal for the former Commander of the submarine forces, Captain of Navo Claudio Javier Villamide.

These were some of the sanctions imposed by the General Council of War examining the responsibilities of naval officers in the sinking of the ARA “San Juan” submarine. The Council does not have the power to bring civilians to justice, and none of its provisions overlap with the criminal case currently being dealt with by the Caleta Olivia Federal Court which must be brought to justice.

Let us also remember that the current military disciplinary code is much more limited in its powers than the old code of military justice, which is why arrest and discharge are the most serious sanctions that can be imposed, and at most it is carried out in a naval base.

These penalties are extremely light and even ridiculous given the damage caused by the loss of a submersible and 40 crew members. It is clear, however, that only the uniformed men will pay lower costs, the civil servants of the defense portfolio and the then government will again evade the verdict. It is not for nothing that they are the ones who reduced maritime power to an incredible level and sent a ship out to sea that was not in adequate condition to face the harshness of the South Atlantic. (Luis Pieiro)

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