This is ANAC’s new administrative structure for Brazilian aviation management

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Starting today (October 16), the agency reorganization approved by the Collegiate Board of Directors will take effect on August 18.

Key changes include reorganizing the process of continuing airworthiness, changes in the competencies of the international consultant, which has been referred to as international and environmental consultancy, and the creation of the Civil Aviation Personnel Inspectorate (SPL), which focuses on the certification of civil society personnel and training organizations. Therefore, SPL will cover processes that belonged to the superintendencies Operational Standards (SPO), Airworthiness (SAR) and Airport Infrastructure (SIA).

The main goal of the reorganization was to bring the certification process to the focus of the user in order to optimize resources and strengthen the view of the regulated. The most important changes are listed below:

Creation of Civil Aviation Personnel Supervision (SPL)

The Civil Aviation Personnel Inspectorate (SPL) was created to house all processes related to personnel certification, which are currently spread across different areas. In short, the new area will coordinate processes such as the regulation of teaching organizations. Staff leave; the certification procedures for the continuous monitoring of flight simulators for the training of crew members; Operational standards and language skills for pilots; Assessment of accredited doctors and clinics as well as training centers and flight simulators. In addition, the new sector will be responsible for certification processes for AVSEC training centers and organizations that specialize in OE-SESCINC training, as well as training and qualification of authorized personnel for aircraft maintenance.

Definition of competencies for the superintendencies (SAR) of the Airworthiness Operational Standards (SPO)

With the creation of a dedicated area for HR processes, SPO focused on aviation companies from operations to maintenance, which are now responsible for the certification of workshops. With this change, SAR remains specialized in the certification of aviation products.

International and environmental advice

Given the relevance of the environmental agenda to civil aviation, the International Advisory Bureau has been given new capabilities and will change its nomenclature to become the International Advisory and Environmental Bureau. New roles the Advisory will take on include coordinating ANAC’s activities in boards, forums and committees related to the environment; the proposal of normative legal acts in connection with environmental management and the implementation of the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on the subject, always in coordination with the other units of the agency. In addition to the coordination structure of the topic, competencies in connection with the CO2 compensation and reduction system of international aviation (CORSIA) were transferred to the superintendent for the supervision of air traffic services (SAS).

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