This control tower overlooking the airport is for sale and can be yours

Have you ever thought about walking down the street and stumbling upon a control tower in the middle of the houses? And best of all, knowing it’s for sale and that it can be yours? Because that’s reality.

Photo – Airways New Zealand

An airport control tower in the middle of a neighborhood might be crazy, but it’s a reality in New Zealand, especially Wellington, the country’s capital.

Due to the lack of space at the airport, the tower is not located within the airport itself, but two streets up the runway. Despite the distance, she has a great view of the entire field, which is enough for the controllers to work.

This tower worked from 1959 to 2018 when a modern and tall tower was inaugurated, although the characteristics of the original were retained, i.e. outside the airport area, in the middle of the parking lot of a shopping center next door lane. See the distance between the two towers on the map below:

Although the price was not announced, according to TV RNZ, the broker’s commission will be paid as a donation to the new children’s hospital in the capital.

According to TV, someone is expected to use the tower to make it their home, with a nice uninterrupted view of the city’s airport. In addition to the new address, the postulant also has sufficient parking spaces and friendly neighbors. Still, a good renovation needs to be done, as much of the structure, apart from deterioration, does not resemble a house at all.

Find out in the video below what the privileged view of the tower is and what its internal structure is like today:

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