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This year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Chincul SA, the factory in which more than 740 aircraft were built in San Juan under license from the Piper Aircraft Corporation.

If we add to them those imported through the marketer La Macarena SA, we have reached almost a thousand new units that have completely modernized Argentine aviation. The vast majority of these aircraft are still flying.

Chincul was the country’s largest private industrial company in aviation. After 25 years of careful research by Gustavo Marón and Guido Ghiretti, this work is an inescapable reference to understand how this private Argentine company has developed in the context of the vibrations, breaks and continuities that have shaped Argentine politics and economy.

The book is divided into three parts, the book tells the story of this industrial epic. The first looks at the aircraft factory from its inauguration in 1972 to its final closure in 1995. The second looks at each of the various models made in San Juan to give an idea of ​​the complexity and scope of the design. The third is made up of various lists relating to the individual details of every aircraft produced, every person who built it, and every owner who bought it.


Title: ?? These aircraft from Pocito – Chincul, Argentine aviation industry 1972-1995 ??

Author: Gustavo Marón and Guido Ghiretti

Publisher: Logo

Number of pages: 600

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