There is a shortage of military pilots in Turkey, the website said

Turkish President Erdogan waves to Turkish F-16 fighters

Turkey has problems with its military pilots. According to the Eurasian Teams website, nearly 300 pilots have been relieved of their duties as Air Force military personnel. Now the Erdogan government is looking for ways to hire more pilots as their lack is a major problem.

The peak of the shortage of pilots began in 2016. Since then, the Turkish Air Force has had problems due to the shortage of pilots. This is a counterpoint as Turkey plans to buy more planes and build its own stealth fighter. TX.

President of Turkey, Erdogan Photo: Disclosure via REUTERS

“However, the damage was done in the meantime when 251 pilots retired or fired under the 2012 law, reducing compulsory service to 13 years,” Nordic Monitor said in its January 2020 report.

Many pilots went to airlines because salary was the main reason for quitting their career as a military pilot.

The search for foreign pilots

Ankara (capital of Turkey) was looking for a solution to call pilots from Turkey to fly their F-16 fighters. However, this did not have US approval. But the US has allowed Saudi pilots to fly Turkey’s F-16s.

However, Greece has experienced tension with the Turks, claiming that Pakistani pilots are flying on Turkish F-16 fighters.

“Military analysts and major media groups in Greece have observed Pakistanis piloting Turkish war jets and even breaching Greek airspace on several occasions,” said Greek journalist Paul Antonopoulos of the Greek City Times.

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