The XXII. The course for promotion to General Officer ends at CESEDEN-Noticias

Defense Minister Margarita Robles has the XXII. Completed a refresher course in the duties of the Officer General (CADCOG), whose personal phase was taught at the Superior Center for Defense Studies (CESEDEN).

A total of 117 colonels and captains of the Spanish Army (41), the Navy (22), the Air Force (27), the Common Corps (15) and the Civil Guard (12) completed the course, which was shortened this year for health reasons the duration of the personal phase to six weeks and eliminated trips and visits.

This year, women, with four Colonels from the Common Corps, three from the Military Health Corps and one from the Military Legal Corps, took the most part in the course and sought to follow in the footsteps of Patricia Ortega, the first general of the Spanish Armed Forces, who rose in 2019. Aspiring generals who have completed the course are part of the late 1980s promotions that included the first women and those who departed on international missions that transformed the armed forces.

Many of you belong to promotions where there have been people who gave their lives precisely to defend peace and freedom in the world. There is no example of greater generosity. The Minister of Defense has reminded officers who will be the command, direction and management of the armed forces for the next decade.

Robles valued ethical leadership and love for Spain; two qualities pervaded by both current and future generals. The first because making ethical decisions is the most important thing to be an example, a reference. And the second, because love for Spain makes us all build the Spain that is better to be proud of, said Robles, who congratulated the graduates and the Spanish Armed Forces, which although they are for war, especially them are prepared for the greatness of peace.

The Director of the High School of the Armed Forces (ESFAS), Divisin General Miguel Ballenilla, has urged the 117 applicants to follow the recommendations of the classics on the virtues that should adorn a general.

Alfonso X El Sabio reiterated that the first thing a champion had to have was a good brain, that is, intelligence and common sense that Ballenilla evoked and should be part of the command style for reading and thinking. Technology doesn’t change or shouldn’t change human or military values. It changes the professional skills required, but never the way of practicing them. She has pointed to the inexorable advancement of new technology.

The CADCOG curriculum, which is fully harmonized with the European Higher Education Area, prepares future officers general to carry out command measures in the organic and operational structure of the armed forces as well as in the management and management of their material, human and resource-related financial resources in Instruction 49/2017 that approved the current format of the course.

At the closing ceremony, the Minister was accompanied by Defense Minister Esperanza Casteleiro. the Undersecretary of State for Defense, Amparo Valcarce, as well as the Chiefs of Staff of the Army Country, Army General Francisco Javier Varela and the Air Army, Air General Javier Salto, among other civil and military authorities.

The students are organized in 10 groups and have been trained in different subjects corresponding to five modules: Leadership, Strategy, Plans, Operations and Intelligence. Senior civil and military state agencies, as well as faculty from business, science, and politics teach each topic the students prepare in debates and later draw conclusions, which are led and guided by a mentor-colonel.

Once the course is completed with the Degree of Fit, the average of those promoted to Brigadier General or Rear Admiral is a third of the Summoned, although the proportion varies by army. In addition to the acquisition of knowledge and skills, skills of a transversal nature are strengthened in the course of the course, such as B. critical and creative and prospective thinking. effective communication, leadership and teamwork as well as self-control and self-confidence.

The High School of the Armed Forces (ESFAS), founded in 1999, is responsible for the implementation of courses for officers general, in which officers employed as colonels or lieutenant colonels can participate and the maximum number of participants is 120 places per course.

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