The world’s longest flight will return, but with a different plane and airport

A350-900 from Singapore. PICTURE: N350xwb via Wikimedia

Singapore Airline announced on Monday (19) that it will resume direct flights between Singapore, Asia and New York in the US. From November 9th, the company will fly three times a week to JFK Airport in the North American metropolis and create a new profile for the longest passenger flight in the world.

First at JFK

It is the first time the airline has scheduled flights between its home country and JFK Airport. The company was using the Newark Terminal in New Jersey until March 23, but flights were suspended as the pandemic worsened. The company’s previous trips to JFK took place via a connection in Frankfurt with Star Alliance partner Lufthansa.

The flight is expected to last more than 18 hours with no stops and will again be the world’s longest flight in a commercial operation with passengers. According to Bloomberg, the company is betting on slowing the pandemic in the Asian country and resuming demand in the US.

Standard A350

To meet the demand for cargo, a small aircraft change is made: the Airbus A350ULR enters the company’s standard A350-900, which is configured for 42 passengers in Business Class, 24 in Premium Economy and 187 in Standard Economy .

The A350ULR is a special version of the A350 specially ordered by Singapore Airlines to accurately operate the flights to New York, which are extremely long and operated by great executives. In this version, part of the cargo hold is removed to install additional fuel tanks that allow the longest flight. However, the current situation, where demand for passengers is low and demand for cargo is high, caused the company to rethink its plans.

Straight flight path © GCMap

Instead of flying the jet, which carries 161 passengers (67 in Business and 94 in Economy Premium), he will now fly the standard A350 which carries up to 253 passengers. This three-class version is called Long Haul in Singapore and includes aircraft with 9V-SMX and 9V-SJA registrations.

There is another version used on short-haul international flights within Asia and Oceania: Medium Haul with 303 passengers, 40 executive seats and 263 economy seats.

The new flights for JFK will take up to 18 hours and 40 minutes and while the company has not informed it is expected to have a restriction on the number of passengers per flight due to weight, but this should be given the low demand for spending from the problem won’t be closed borders.


Singapore Airlines announced in a statement that “substantial” freight demand is expected on New York flights, supported by the intensification of e-commerce during the pandemic and pharmaceutical products, among other things. New York and Los Angeles are the only two destinations in the United States whose operations have already been defined by Singapore.

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