The ?? white blackbird ?? of the Danish Air Force Challenger CL-604

A Royal Danish Force Bombardier Aerospace Challenger CL-604, painted white in contrast to the dark gray of the other three aircraft of this type operated by this NATO air force, brought the Foreign Minister from Denmark to Madrid. Jeppe Kofod.

He arrived in Barajas from Melsbroek Airport, Belgium, in the early afternoon of March 24th. The Royal Danish Force currently operates four Challenger CL-604s, the first three of which were launched between November 1999 and November 2001 after the Danish Ministry of Defense acquired new ones from the Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace. All of them (registered as C-080, C-168 and C-172) have been factory painted with the color scheme most commonly used by the Royal Danish Force, dark gray in the upper part of the fuselage and the stabilizers, both vertical and vertical upper parts the horizontal, the rest is painted light gray.

The CL-604 have been integrated into Eskadrille 721 of the Flyvevåbnet Air Transport Wing, which is based in Aalborg (Northern Denmark), although some of its aircraft are being serviced at København / Roskilde Airport in the immediate vicinity of Copenhagen to ensure a faster supply VIP- Transport service to the royal household and the Danish government.

The device that arrived in Madrid today, the registered C-215, was acquired second-hand by Danish company Cimber AS in late 2013, although it had previously been used by three other airlines since it left Bombardier’s assembly line and became the new aircraft Painted completely white and included in the Flyvevåbnet in January 2014. Given the significantly lower number of antennas compared to the first purchased antennas, it seems to be mainly intended for VIP transport missions. Oddly enough, we can also see in the C-215 that the fairings on its General Electrics CF34-3B engines are painted in the aforementioned dark gray that its “brothers” use. de la Eskadrille 721. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Photography: The ?? Challenger ?? CL-604 Registration C-215 in the final phase of landing at Madrid-Barajas Airport with the moon as a witness. (Photo Julio Maíz / )

Picture of one of the other three ?? Challenger ?? Flyvevåbnet’s CL-604 shows the difference in the paintwork. (Photo Adrian Pingstone)

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