The Venezuelan army is increasing its offensive capacity by creating reinforced infantry battalions

As part of the reorganization of the order of battle of the National Armed Forces of Venezuela, the Venezuelan Army has started the reorganization of some of its basic combat units (battalion), for which four battalions of mechanized infantry have been converted into battalions. of reinforced infantry, measures as part of the operational readiness and transformation plan of the National Strategic Command of the Armed Forces (CEOFANB) in three of the eight comprehensive strategic defense regions (REDI).

According to the CEOFANB, the mechanized infantry battalion that has been converted into reinforced infantry battalion is the 112th Mechanized Infantry Battalion. Francisco Aramendi is assigned to the 11th Tank Brigade (Fort Mara, State of Zulia), the 251st Mechanized Infantry Battalion G / D Cornelio Muoz of the 25th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Fort Morotuto, State of Tchira) and the 931 Mechanized Infantry Battalion G /. D Santiago Mario of the 93rd Caribbean Brigade (Fort Tavacare, Barinas State) and the 141 Mechanized Infantry Battalion G / D Jos Anzoategu of the 14th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Fort Manaure, Lara State).

The new combat formations, which have been reorganized, will gather around them the armored resources, field artillery, as well as combat support elements necessary for the rapid execution of combat operations with mixed forces and high offensive fire. Likewise, given current regional threats and possible new scenarios on current battlefields, these units will have greater mobility capacity and maneuver flexibility.

In terms of military equipment, the new combat formations are currently equipped with Russian-made armored infantry combat vehicles BMP-3 and BTR-80, which will be added in addition to the T-72B1 main battle tanks. T-72B1K command post tanks and BREM-1 salvage tanks of the same T-72 series, while artillery systems vary depending on the geographic area in which the BIRs are deployed and for which different systems are available to them. This includes the self-propelled 8×8 2s23 Nona-SVK mortar, the rocket launcher BM-21-1 Grad or BM-30 and the self-propelled artillery system 2S19M1 MSTA-S as well as the escort vehicles of the Kamaz series.

Finally, last September and as part of the commemoration of the XV. Jubilee of the CEOFANB the 112 Reinforced Infantry Battalion Cnel. Francisco Aramendi attended a demonstration at the G / J Jos Laurencio Silva Combat Training Center at Fort Los Caribes in El Pao, Cojedes State, where he demonstrated his cohesive skills and performed exercises that used tactical tactics. Maneuvers and combat at battalion level with all weapon systems. (Douglas Bravo Colmenares)

Photos: Operational Strategic Command of the National Armed Forces (CEOFANB)

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