The Venezuelan Armed Forces are launching a major maintenance campaign for their air systems notes

The four components of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) of Venezuela have launched a comprehensive maintenance and recovery campaign for their STOL aircraft of western origin, which are carrying out liaison missions, light and medium transport missions integrated into the transport aircraft squadrons in which they are located, at the same time this is being done with articulated the maintenance work of the Russian helicopter fleet, which is advancing with the support of Russian helicopters.

In this regard, Colonel-General Vladimir Padrino Lpez, Sector Vice-President for Sovereign Politics, Security and Peace and Minister for People’s Defense Power, stated: The order is to dust everything off because we are going to put everything into operation. in favor of our FANB, the combatants, because nothing increases morale more than a good weapon system, a good rifle and good preparation for combat (). What we do is a starting point to grow in adversity Remove everything that is stored and bring it into optimal operation. We demonstrate it. There are no obstacles for either the engineer, the infantry, the artillery, the armor or anyone

Extensive maintenance work has started on the following fixed wing systems: PZL M-28 Skytruck, IAI 202 Arava, Airbus C212-200 / 400 Aviocar, Alenia G.222, Lockheed Martin C-130H and various turbochargers from Beechcraft and Cessna models. This maintenance work is carried out by military and civilian personnel assigned to the 714 General Maintenance Center of the Francisco de Paula Alcantara Brigade of the Bolivarian Army, the Tactical Support Squadron of the Bolivarian Navy of the Naval Air Force, and Aviation Maintenance and Aeronautical Development at the Militar Bolivariana Directorate will focus on three military facilities including Caracas Airport in Charallave, Miranda State, General Bartolom Salom Airport in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo State, and El Libertador Air Force Base in Palo Negro, Aragua State).

With the rotary wing systems Mi-17V5, with which the four components of the FANB are equipped, the delivery of the first operational units has already begun, which has been the subject of extensive inspection work carried out by personnel since 2020. Venezuelans and specialists from the Russian helicopter company at the Bolivarian Military Aviation Aviation Maintenance Center, located in Hangar No. 2 at El Libertador Air Base, as a result of the delay in completing the final maintenance center and helicopter repair (Cemareh) work at the General Brigade airport Oswaldo Guevara Mujica de Acarigua (State of Portuguesa).

Finally, G / J Padrino Lpez announced that I have given instructions because what happens in the army begins the same campaign in the Bolivarian navy, because the sea is one of the determining areas for us too – to achieve victory regardless of conflicts of their intensity or nature () The sea is a vital space and we need all of our systems of ships, patrol boats and frigates, not only in seaworthy conditions, but also to fire and fire missiles to our maritime spaces in the Caribbean protect and defend and on the Atlantic facade, where we work tirelessly to defend our beloved and historical Essequibo. (Douglas Bravo Colmenares, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Venezuela)

Photo: Delivery of a Mi-17V5 to Special Operations Air Group No. 17 of the Bolivarian Military Aviation.

Maintenance work on a C-130H of the Grupo Areo de Transporte N 6 of the Bolivarian Military Aviation.

Inspection of a PZL M-28 Skytruck of the 721st Bolivarian Army Aircraft Battalion.

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