The Venezuelan Armed Forces activate two special combat units against Colombian subversive groups

The escalation of fighting against the FARC EP has resulted in the total loss and damage of an 8×8 BTR-80A armored wheeled vehicle attached to the 3rd Company of the 931 Reinforced Infantry Battalion (BIRM No. 3) General of the Santiago Mario Division another BTR-80A from the 9202 Motorized Cavalry Squadron of the 92nd Caribbean Brigade Tcnel. Marcelo Gmez when attacked with improvised explosive devices (IED), as well as 34 troop elements with various types of wounds and 8 victims in the ranks of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), the 4 most recent being an accident involving a piece of 120 mm 2S12 Sani mortar the 215 Field Artillery Group Cnel. Miguel Antonio Vsquez, under whom are the commander of this unit, Lieutenant Colonel Ral Roilander Quintero, and the commander of the 120mm mortar battery, First Lieutenant Julio Manuel Inojosa Morgado.

The People’s Power Minister for Defense, General Vladimir Padrino Lpez, yesterday offered a counterbalance to military actions in Apure state as part of Operation Lanceros de Apure, which began on March 21 against Colombian insurgents operating in the Venezuelan area.

To date, 9 guerrillas have been killed and another 33 captured. All members of the Dcimo Martin Villa Front of the Dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC EP) also reported on the activation of an integral defense of the Temporary Special Operation Zone (ZODITE), to which the newly created 94 Special Brigade “Negro Primero” will be assigned Colombia will operate exclusively in the municipalities of Pez, Rmulo Gallegos and Muoz in the state of Apure south of Venezuela and on the border with the Republic of Colombia.

G / J Padrino Lpez also indicated that the FANB units stationed in the border security zone will be able to conduct inspections of real estate and evict illegal occupations of public property in accordance with applicable laws. In addition, specific land, air and water transport routes and measures are defined and the existing ones regulated in the area of ​​the municipalities of Pez, Rmulo Gallegos and Muoz.

Regarding the newly created units, GJ Padrino Lpez announced the activation of the ZODIT “G / D Jos Conelio Muoz”, appointed Division General Alejandro Javier Bentez Marcano as commander and the activation of the 94th Special Brigade “Negro Primero” commanded by Brigadier General Wilfredo Alexander Medrano Machado, both officers in the Bolivarian Army.

For this new brigade, FANB’s Operational Strategic Command has temporarily reassigned the command, service and support structure of other units, in addition to two existing battalions, one of which is from the Caribbean Army and the other is a U.S. infantry battalion. Navy Fluvial Navy Both tactical maneuvering units are light infantry formations that have the necessary elements for their rapid deployment and a much more flexible maneuvering capacity with high firepower.

He also stressed that she had ordered extraordinary measures to be carried out by the Integral Defense Zone (ZODI) Apure together with the civil authorities of the Apure government and the nation-state to protect the human rights of people living in the security zone and time restrictions for operation Establish peace-based resorts and public services.

new hits

It was revealed through social media that the Joint Special Forces Directorate is using Russia-made Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) developed by the Special Technology Center (STC) and possibly part of the recently activated drone battalion attached to Task Force Shadow is. The Orlan-10 drones are considered state-of-the-art systems as they are equipped with optical and electronic systems that allow them to carry out surveillance, intelligence and tactical reconnaissance missions.

During the visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Yuri Borsov, to Caracas last week, the TASS agency also reported on the signing of 12 cooperation documents in various areas between Moscow and Caracas, highlighting the announcement by the Rostec State Corporation. who agreed to cooperate in the field of industrial security including protection against cyber attacks with the possibility of a production facility in Venezuela. (Douglas Bravo Colmenares, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Venezuela)

Photo: Special forces of the Bolivarian Army armed with AK-103 rifles. Bolivarian Army Credit.

Mil Mi-17V5 helicopter of the 722nd General Purpose Helicopter Battalion G / B Florencio Jimnez. Credit: Military Aviation of the Bolivarian Army.

Command of the 993rd Special Forces Battalion Cnel. Domingo Montes. Bolivarian Army Credit.

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