The Venezuela Military Scientific Council, which seeks “technological independence for the air defense of Venezuela”, will take ownership of this week

The Venezuela Military Science Council is expected to be sworn in this week. His tasks include solving the problems of technical assistance, spare parts and the operation of Venezuelan military aviation in the country, as Nicolás Maduro reports in the law on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Armistice and War Regulation Treaty, the centenary of Bolivarian military aviation and the 28th anniversary of the civil-military uprising of November 27, 1992.

He said it will be implemented with the support of the allied countries of the world, this would add Russia and China as advisers, although President Maduro himself also cited Cuba and Iran last month when ordering the creation of this military council around the system to make more independent. Weapons of the country. “I will swear to him next week that I will take the step from there that must be taken to move forward in the direction of our own engineering in technologies,” said Maduro from the state of Aragua last Friday, November 27th, what is waiting he still? The organization allows “advances in this direction of technological, technical and scientific independence for the air defense of Venezuela,” Maduro told the members of the Venezuelan Military Aviation (AMV).

At the event, Maduro, accompanied by Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López and the Commander in charge of Operational Strategy, AJ Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, said that Bolivarian military aviation for a hundred years of progress, work and defense of the sovereignty of Venezuela, we have a professional military aviation with great educational, academic , cultural, scientific and technical progress.

Maduro also pointed out that “sooner rather than later military aviation will achieve absolute technological independence for the defense of Venezuelan airspace”. Maduro’s promise is to take this advice by all means, with logistical, physical, institutional support and with the best of minds: The armed forces have the support of impressive professional and scientific minds, the head of South America said last October.

He assured at the time that the announced initiative “will be very useful for technology, science and the military industry”, while the Colonel General and Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López said this from the entire army Nacional Bolivariana will be eagerly and energetically adopted? the functioning of this institution (Thiany Rodríguez Caracas)

Photo: During the Ceremony of the 200th Anniversary of the Armistice and War Regularization, the 100th Anniversary of Bolivarian Military Aviation and the 28th Anniversary, Maduro promoted Pedro Juliac to General of Bolivarian Military Aviation and announced the swearing-in of the Military Scientific Council.

“One of the priority tasks is to solve all technical assistance, spare parts and operational problems of the Venezuelan military aviation in Venezuela with the support of our allies,” Maduro told members of the country’s military aviation.

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