The VCR 8×8 Dragon requires the integration of innovative technologies throughout its life in order not to be out of date.

The pace of innovation in the technologies and systems that can equip military vehicles like the Army’s 8×8 Wheeled Combat Vehicle (RCV) today is so fast that some current technologies will become obsolete in less time than the VCR.

This is one of the conclusions that Luis Mayo, CEO of Tess Defense, presented during his speech at the seminar The VCR 8×8 Dragn Program: Innovation in Land Defense Systems in Spain, organized by the Defense Technologies Committee of the Defense Institute, the Spanish engineer ( IIE) on the 23rd and was broadcast online with a large number of visitors. The current speed of innovation and the pace of change are very high. So if we take into account a service life of at least 30 years for the Dragon and the speed at which the electronics are developing, the vehicle must be modernized throughout its service life so that it does not become obsolete.

State-of-the-art technologies such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance or digital twins must be continuously integrated. This includes the participation of new companies in the 8×8 program and its supply chain beyond the current Tess Defense (General Dynamics European Land Systems Santa Barbara Sistemas, Sapa, Indra and Escribano Mechanical & Engineering). With that in mind, Tess Defense’s mission in May is to enable the vehicle to be continually improved as new technology emerges and becomes available.

May showed how the defense industry lost its leadership role in technological advancement over consumer electronics in the 20th century. The investment rates for sales are, for example, significantly higher in civil electronics companies, which assign figures of up to 12 percent compared to the usual 2 percent in defense. An example is the example of entertainment electronics or smartphones, whose useful life is between three and five years, compared to military devices that have to be operational over a longer period of time.

The event was organized by the Defense Technologies Committee of the Spanish Engineering Institute with Colonel Adrin Benito as spokesman, head of the VCR 8×8 program at the General Directorate of Armaments and Materials (DGAM) of the Ministry of Defense. Also present were Enrique Rodrguez Fagndez, President of the IIE Defense Technologies Committee, and Fernando Garca Romero, Member of the IIE Defense Technologies Committee. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Two of the 8×8 (Army) protesters

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