The US Navy signs a $ 1.6 billion contract with Boeing for 11 Poseidon P-8A aircraft

The US Navy has placed a $ 1.6 billion order with Boeing to produce the next 11 P-8A Poseidon aircraft, 9 of which will be added to their fleet and 2 to the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force), the Participated in this program since 2009, bringing the number of copies under contract with the U.S. Navy to 128, in addition to the 14 copies that are in the hands of the Royal Australian Air Force.

The P-8A is a long range submarine and surface patrol aircraft that is essential for intelligence gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance, and search and rescue missions. 103 aircraft are in use worldwide, collecting more than 300,000 flight hours. It has naval weapons, a modern and open architecture of mission systems, and commercial support to keep costs down.

It is currently the main aircraft with the ability to detect and track submarines. It is modified to include a compartment for bombs and pylons for weapons. It has two gun posts in each wing and can carry 129 sonoboys. It is also equipped with an in-flight refueling system. As a military derivative of the Boeing 737 NG (Next-Generation) aircraft, the controversial MAX series, it combines the most advanced weapon system with the cost advantages of one of the most popular commercial aircraft. It offers two variants: the P-8I, which is used by the Indian Navy; and the P-8A Poseidon of the US Navy, the RAAF and the British RAF (Red Air Force) and has just been selected by Germany. To acquire the Boeing aircraft, Australia used the US FMS (Foreign Military Sales) program.

Photo: The Royal Australian Air Force acquired the P-8A ?? Poseidon ?? (Boeing photo)

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