The US Army completes testing of its new infantry squad vehicle

Dusty roads and a desert environment, characteristic of the US Army facilities in the Yuma Polygon, Arizona, were part of the selected scenario to push the light vehicle to its limits and thus confirm its actual performance. USArmy’s newest all-rounder.

The equipment in question, known by the acronym ISV ​​(Infantry Squad Vehicle), is a high-performance all-terrain vehicle manufactured by General Motors that covers a niche where various types of platforms have previously been used. In 2020, the acquisition process began, trying to buy several hundred of them in order to equip each of the BCT (Brigade Combat Team) brigades with 59 copies and use them to allow faster and more dynamic movements of smaller contingents of staff – Trains – complementing other armored and unarmored means currently in use.

The tests carried out over the past few weeks, known as RAM (Reability and Mantainability), will continue in the coming months to review performance and fix the last few shortcomings before mass production begins. The intention is to use the pre-production ISV samples to tour approximately 5,000 miles in hostile conditions and in a high-grade, sandy, and dusty scenario to verify that it is as reliable and maintainable as intended ;; In this validation, the vehicle is carried by a driver and the rest of the people who could be in it are simulated with plastic mock-ups of the appropriate weight.

The ISV, of which 649 copies for 11 BC. With deliveries scheduled to be made between 2021 and 2025 – the first to receive it will be the 82nd Airborne Division brigades stationed at Fort Bragg, is a product of commercial origin that has been conveniently modified. It starts with the chassis of the Chevy Colorado ZR2 and other elements of the same origin, which means that 90% of the resulting vehicle has everything in common with parts of civil origin. It is therefore tried to be easily serviced and repaired in various environments. The drive combines a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Tell them of its total capacity that it can carry up to nine people, although the common thing is that it will require six with the equipment associated with its combat needs. Because of its weight and its design with an outer tubular structure, it is easy to transport in various types of helicopters and airplanes for air projecting. Thanks to the company’s own fuel tanks, a wide range of tactical and strategic actions is also taken into account. (Octavio Dec Cmara)

Photography: The appearance of the ISV is overwhelming. Its advantages are noteworthy and it is used in the projection of small military teams. (US Army)

It is planned to accommodate up to nine military personnel in each ISV. Seats are available that allow them to respond to threats with the fire of their weapons. (GM defense)

The performance of this commercial off-road vehicle is very high, which affects its ability to make tactical and strategic movements. (M. Schauer)

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