The unknown centaurs of Oman armed with a 120mm cannon-News

From Omn we get curious images of the Royal Guard’s 8×8 armored centaurs armed with a 120mm cannon instead of the standard 105mm cannon. that is currently arming those of Italy, Jordan and the Spanish army. At a time when the trend of several countries, including Italy, which wants to equip centaurs with a turret armed with a 120mm cannon, and Spain, which is evaluating it under the Wheeled Combat Vehicle Program (VCR), already seems omn this Having stepped up with these vehicles made in Italy by the Iveco OTO Melara Consortium (now Leonardo).

It is very rare to find photos of this armored Oman, which was the first centaur to be equipped with a 120/45 mm part, partly because of the small number of 9 units, but above all because of the closed information policy of the Sultanate of Omn that he ordered a minimum batch and à la carte, which undoubtedly entailed significant additional costs for the development of the version, equipped with HitFact 1 towers specially designed to receive the aforementioned can, making them easily identifiable for those who carry the can piece of 105 mm. At that time there was also no current demand for 8×8 armor that at least the most modern main tank battle (MBT) could handle.

In addition, the Oman Centaur was already equipped with additional armor plates to withstand impacts from armor piercing ammunition or Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR), as well as the higher combat weight of the new tower and the high temperatures of the area were achieved by a tropical version of the modular MTCA engine ( 478 kW Iveco V6 Modular Turbo-Charged Aftercooler) balanced. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: Three centaurs armored by Omns. (Photo TV Omn goes Ciro Nappi)

Omn’s Centaur Vehicle. (Photo TV Omn goes Ciro Nappi)

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