The United States withdraws all charges against General Cienfuegos on trial in Mexico for alleged drug trafficking –

The North American judiciary values ​​bilateral relations with Mexico and their geopolitical relevance and has decided to stop the scandal sparked by the arrest of the former Secretary of Defense (SEDENA), General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, on charges of alleged drug trafficking crimes for money laundering .

As a result, the United States Attorney General has withdrawn all criminal charges against Cienfuegos just two days before his hearing in which Judge Carol B. Amon will decide to open the general’s lawsuit so that it will become public. any details of the case, or if that information had been restricted as requested by defenders of the retired military. The case took a completely unexpected turn when it became known, on the afternoon of November 17, that the United States attorney, led by William Barr, had reached an agreement with the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) of Mexico, led by Alejandro Gertz Manero had to withdraw and dismiss all charges against the general so that he could be investigated and brought to justice in his country.

The above, said Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, is an act of respect for Mexico and its armed forces. A statement from the United States Attorney General’s Office addressed to General Cienfuegos Justice Carol Amon asking her to drop the charges against the former Secretary of Defense stated in one of her paragraphs: “The United States found that important and sensitive foreign policy considerations outweigh the government’s interest in continuing the trial of the accused. ”

Less than two hours after hearing the United States Attorney General’s announcement, Secretary of State (SRE) Marcelo Ebrard spoke to the national and foreign media. The secretary noted that this is the result of Mexican approaches and protests due to the lack of information and cooperation regarding the case where Mexico worked together in all areas of the fight against organized crime.

Regarding the DEA investigation, it emerged that on November 11, a diplomatic bag containing the 743 sheets of investigation was handed over to the SRE, which had already been requested by the Mexican government to open its own investigation by the Attorney General’s office. (FGR).

With this investigation, the investigation is conducted and the United States Attorney General has promised to assist us with the data that may arise and that may contribute to what is being done in the Mexican prosecution. Citing the cooperation agreements against organized crime signed by both countries, Ebrard pointed out that this and the trust in cooperation are the main arguments with which the FGR will demand the investigation of the general and, if necessary, the investigation of the general judge him in Mexico, where he committed the alleged crimes.

Why should he be tried in the United States when he allegedly committed the crimes in Mexico? Asked the Chancellor. The Foreign Minister recalled the key moments of the October 15 case, from the arrest of General Cienfuegos to the delivery of the DEA investigation in a diplomatic bag and the decision announced on November 17 to withdraw all charges against the general against whom it was in Mexico has no drug trafficking or money laundering allegations.

Regarding what will happen to the general in the next hours or days, Ebrard said it will be officials and officials from the United States who will bring the former secretary to Mexico to hand him over to the FGR, and this is will decide his situation, which the Foreign Minister could not define. . Ebrard added that, in this context, Mexico will review in detail the terms of working with the DEA and clarify that what was achieved today has not been negotiated with the new Joe Biden administration. Everything has been discussed and analyzed with the current administration and it is not a product of the election situation in the United States, he said. (Jorge Alejandro Medelln)

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