The United States plans to have its sixth generation stealth fighters in flight by 2029

Both the Air Force and the United States Navy have been working on what their 6th generation fighter jets should look like for years. The first flights at prototype level will take place in 2029. The United States is the leader in incorporation and commissioning of 5th generation aircraft and stealth capabilities, the F-22 and F-35 fighters, was not expected to see prototypes of the future 6th generation before the end of this decade Generation would be in flight for the US. Air Force (USAF) and the US Navy.

The U.S. Navy is developing a fighter tentatively known as the F / A-XX to replace the majority of the F / A-18E / F Superhornet fleet, which is currently the main apparatus of the naval facility due to late commissioning. the marine variant of the F-35, the C, adapted to the increasingly complex take-offs (by catapult take-offs) and landings on large aircraft carriers. While the exact appearance of this future fighter is not known for sure, it is believed that it will have a tailless hull design somewhat reminiscent of the current B-2 and B-21 stealth bombers.

For its part, the USAF is also working on a 6-generation fighter called Next Generation Air Dominance, a project that had at least one test flight late last year, as former US Under-Secretary Will Roper has confirmed, how far it has come in testing came: We have already built and flown a full-size flight demonstrator and broken time records in the process. The USAF initiative could also rely on a tailless design as well as the ability to fly without a pilot to equip itself with combat duty required by the USAF’s chief of staff.

The date we can see these new generation devices is indirectly expected by the Department of Defense as part of a recent March 4th announcement: Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, Arizona has received $ 74,000,000 perpetual supply / perpetual volume contract (FA8675-21-D-0002) to support the integration of AMRAAM aircraft (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile). Although this does not necessarily provide indications directly related to the 6th generation fighter, the second paragraph applies: This contract provides the necessary support for aircraft laboratories, flight tests, flight clearance and simulation during all integration requirements in AMRAAM for the F15, F. -16, FA-18, F-22, F-35, and other current inventory, including next-generation platforms that may be added to the USAF or US Navy inventory before the end of Fiscal Year 2029. (Julio Maz Sanz)

Photo: USAF Next Generation Air Dominance.

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