The United Arab Emirates wants Israel’s Iron Dome defense system

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ Iron Dome short-range air defense system could be the first weapons system of Israeli origin to be officially acquired by the United Arab Emirates. This follows from the statements of the first Israeli ambassador to this Gulf country


Both countries stand ready to cooperate on missile defense systems, and the Emirates will also get Israeli support for the acquisition of the F-35 fighter jets promised by former US President Donald Trump but blocked for the time being by new President Joe Biden.

Eitan Naeh, Israel’s first ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, a country that formalized relations with the Gulf country last summer following the mediation of the United States’ government, said in this spirit. The ambassador gave an interview to the Daily News publication, which also coincided with the recent International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) 2021, held in Abu Dhabi, highlighted by the registration of 55 Israeli companies.

Our two countries share common interests and our cooperation will strengthen the stability of the region, said Naeh in this interview. The United Arab Emirates are considering purchasing the Iron Dome missile defense system after Iran threatened that country after signing the peace agreement with Israel. According to Naeh, Israel is open to working with the Emirates in areas such as defense or space in order to exploit possible synergies and examine the possibility of transferring technology or workload to local companies.

Let us remember that on August 13, the United Arab Emirates-Israel peace agreement was published through the United States to establish diplomatic relations and realize the region’s potential. The agreement meant that the Emirates became the third Arab country after Egypt (1979) and Jordan (1994) to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel, which in turn (temporarily) lifted the partial annexation of the West Bank and the settlements in this region . Even then, we expected that the normalization of relations with Israel and access to advanced weapons from the US and Israel could be the protagonist of the roadmap in the countries of the Gulf region in the coming years. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The Defense System of the Iron Dome (Rafael)

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