The Ukrainian state company SpetsTechnoExport presents its weapon systems to the army and police in Peru-Noticias

Between November 23 and 27, a delegation from the state foreign trade agency Spets TechnoExport, dependent on Ukroboromprom, the Ukrainian state company responsible for the control of the military-industrial complex inherited from the Soviet Union, visited Peru to meet in the Air Force as well as the Directorate for Police Aircraft and the Purchasing Agency of the Armed Forces (ACFFAA).

The main aim of the visit was to promote the portfolio of companies, factories, repair stations, parts and spare parts suppliers, research centers, design offices, and public and private companies in the defense sector. Among them they presented Antonov, who offered and advertised the An-178 and the aircraft repair facilities N 410 and MiGRemont (state aircraft repair facility Zaporizhya) as well as the design offices Kharkiv-Morozov and Luch as well as the complexes Produccoin Iskra and Zorya-Mashproekkt.

In the second instance, according to , the delegation tried to meet officials from the Ministry of the Interior (MININTER) and the Banco de la Nacin. His intention would have been to see contract questions signed in October 2019 for $ 64 million that would see the delivery of an Antonov An-178 transport plane. In this context, we can confirm that one year and one month after the signing of the contract, Peru failed to pay the 30 percent advance payment because Spets TechnoExport did not comply with the submission of the relevant letter Security, situation – incidentally, even in the case of a contract from State to state irregular – which should eventually lead to the termination of the contract.

The delegation was led by Ievgen Larin, Director of Spets TechnoExport, who signed the Antonov AN-178 contract on October 23rd with Freddy Zelaya Herrera, then Secretary General of the Peruvian Ministry of the Interior. In this act, the Spanish citizen Jaime Abrisqueta Ynzenga was present, as indicated in the photo published at the time. Together with Larinc, they traveled to Per Oleksiv Zaika (Director of Export Operations), Anastasiia Tupchhi (Head of the Ministry of Labor with North America, Latin America and Europe) and Vitalli Bilyk (Specialist in the Ministry of Labor). They were accompanied by Jaime Abrisqueta Ynzenga, who, as we will recall, had previously appeared in the Peruvian media as spokesman and representative for Antonov.

Photo: Signing the Antonov AN-178 contract for the Peruvian Ministry of the Interior in October 2019, Ievgen Larin, Director of Spets TechnoExport, left with contract in hand.

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