The UK is increasing its presence in Gibraltar by deploying a large Royal Navy patrol boat

The state-of-the-art high-altitude patrol ship, HMS ?? Trent ?? (P224) of the British Royal Navy will be stationed in the colony of Gibraltar from the end of this year. We are facing a very important increase in the presence of the Royal Navy in Europe’s last colonial territory for decades. This ship is one of the large offshore patrol vessels (OPV) category, displacing around 2,000 tons, one of the most modern of the model, the 2nd batch of the River class since it entered service in the Royal Navy on Nov. August 2020.

The decision of the UK Ministry of Defense is very likely in line with a request by the local government of Gibraltar, which keeps talking of violations of its territorial waters by Spanish ships and aircraft, waters designated in the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) through which Spain ceded the territory do not consider them.

The shipment of this ship is included in the recent Strategic Defense Review, presented earlier this week by UK Defense Secretary (equivalent to Minister) Ben Wallace at the House of Commons, which outlines the strategic planning. Defense for the next decade.

The arrival of the HMS (Her / His Majestic Ship) ?? Trent ?? Gibraltar will dramatically increase the permanent presence of the British Navy, which for decades has consisted of only two small patrol boats (HMS ?? Pursuer ?? (P273) and HMS ?? Dasher ?? (P280)), three ship RIBs and a total of of 26 members assigned to the officially known Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron.

We are about to take another step in the colony’s already major militarization, which normally houses nuclear submarines from both the Royal Navy and the United States Navy. In addition to the data already provided for the HMS “Trent”, which has 70 employees and is habitable for an additional 34 people, it is equipped with a remote control station or a remote control weapon station (RCWS) DS30B of 30 mm; two conventional machine guns and the same number of M-134 multi-barrel minigun, both 7.62 mm.

Another important feature of this modern OPV is its ability to transport and operate with a helicopter, including the Royal Navy’s largest helicopter, the Merlin Mk.2, the anti-submarine or anti-submarine or ASW Version of the Leonardo AW101. It has had a docking port at the Royal Navy base in Portsmouth, southern England, since it was supplied by BAE Systems, which built it in its Glasgow, Scotland, shipyards.

According to the British press, the official mission of the HMS is ?? Trent ?? It will support NATO operations in the Mediterranean, as well as the Organization’s allies and London in North Africa, and support anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Guinea and off the coast of West Africa. (Julio Maíz Sanz)

Pictured: The OPV of the Royal Navy HMS ?? Trent ?? Entering the Portsmouth Naval Base. (Photo Shaun).

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