The turbulence on a football player’s plane is turning into chaos in the Brazilian press

Confusion erupted after a soccer player posted a video crying after the plane hit and went through turbulence. Watch the video below (expected to load) then understand the flight, plane and route in the text below.

The case occurred on the 14th but didn’t go viral until Jean Patrick, a football player for the Cuiabá Esporte Clube, posted the video of the flight. In the recording, Jean comes to cry and it is possible to hear prayers from other people on the plane for fear of the worst.

The flight in question was the G3-1132, operated by GOL’s Boeing 737-800 with registration number PR-GZW. The route led from São Paulo to Cuiabá and followed aboard the team delegation from Cuiabano, which was devastated by the 1-0 defeat against Guarani the day before. The game was valid for the Brasileirão Serie B and the goal was scored by Bidu in the 31st half. Cuiabá had no scoring chances and ended up with an expulsion.

Back to the flight

The launch took place at the scheduled time and normally, but upon arrival in Cuiabá the pilots encountered bad weather. The moment the plane approached, a storm hit the city and therefore the pilots’ best alternative was to take a shot for safety reasons and reach some orbits in hopes of improving weather conditions.

After several orbits. and since the weather in Cuiabá did not indicate that it was going to improve, the pilots decided that it would be better to go to Goiânia, since the capital Mato Grosso did not offer minimally reasonable conditions for a safe landing. The choice of Goiânia was no accident, but it was the alternative airport that was already included in the flight plan.

So far everything is in compliance and security. When analyzing the data from FlightRadar24, which covered the entire Gol Boeing flight, absolutely nothing unusual was found. In other words, we saw a flight that was 100% in line with the procedures.

However, the situation became extraordinary due to the desperation of the passengers over a normal and safe maneuver, which is the rush. The case quickly made headlines and made the cover of almost all of the mainstream press using the most picturesque calls like:

– Cuiabá players report tense moments in the air: “I thought I wasn’t going home,” on Globo Esporte.

– Cuiabá player cries when he remembers the flight: Now I know what Chape went through on UOL.

– prayers and despair! The Cuiabá delegation experiences a frightening situation during the flight in SportBuzz.

The press, such as Portal G1, said the plane flew to Goiânia only to refuel and even received news that the jet made an emergency landing, which is not entirely the case. Anyway, a freak show.

As a lifeline, Lito from Aviões & Música commented on the case today in the following video, explaining everything that happened with a wealth of details and a lot of humor.

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